Best sandwiches for lunch in Chiang Mai?

Best sandwiches for lunch in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai has an incredible food scene in general and there are a bunch of amazing restaurants serving delicious sandwiches so the competition is fierce! That’s why we had to work EXTRA hard but we feel it has paid off and we are really proud of what we’ve put together. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

All our sandwiches are served on our legendary sourdough bread with a small side salad of lettuce, tomato radish, feta & balsamic vinegar


We take our brown sugar cured ham and pulled pork and layer on some cheddar cheese, pickles & spicy mustard. We then toast it so all the ingredients melt together into one mind-blowing explosion of warm deliciousness. If this all doesn’t sound decadent enough you can optionally throw one of our signature parmesan eggs on top of it all.



Corned beef, swiss cheese, Sauerkraut & thousand island dressing. If you’re feeling hungry ask for double meat.


Roast tomato, eggplant & mushroom, feta, mixed lettuce & garlic chutney.


Smoked chicken with cheddar cheese, tomato, avocado, rocket & pesto. Add our smoked bacon for extra goodness.


Brisket, tomato, cheddar cheese, red onion and mustard.


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